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With Barents Expeditions, you can travel into the real world of the arctic.

It’s cold, it’s big, it’s challenging, and it is absolutely wonderful.

We invite you on a journey over cold seas, barren landscapes, and exciting moments. With a warm heart and happiness in sight, with cold fingers and frozen toes, we will create memories for life together.

Our ship, Stålbas, holds groups up to 12 passengers. We will travel through the arctic at our own pace to photograph and document the unique experiences this great wilderness has to offer.

Stålbas in an ice classified ship that has traveled through the waters in Svalbard for more than 40 years. For big parts of the year, the ship works as a base for researches at sea around Svalbard and Jan Mayen. During the winter when Svalbard is dark and frozen, the ship spends long periods on the Barents Sea on mission. The ship and crew thrive in the arctic!

The crew onboard are true arctic seafarers. They sail the ship with care between destinations and with great respect for the animal life, nature and history.

Our talented and experienced guides will lead us to the best landings and take us to the most beautiful places that every photographer dreams of.

Welcome to Svalbard!

To charter Stålbas

We have available charter departures of different lengths. Either with expedition crew or as its own departure.

Stålbas is certified for up to 12 passengers.

As charterer you arrange your own desired route after having signed charter contract.

Together with the ship’s commander and purser, the schedule, mealtimes and landings are adjusted acceding to the charterers wishes.

You are welcome to contact us regarding prices and offers.

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Barents Expeditions

About us

Having spent many years in the Arctic chasing our dreams, we have gathered lots of knowledge and experience.

The 5 of us started Barents Expeditions in 2018 with the ambition of taking small groups into the arctic world and doing so on nature’s terms with a boat equipped for the ice sea.

Our corporate philosophy is based on the love and care of the place we live in and we would like to share the Arctic greatness with our guests and visitors.

We are convinced that knowledge and interest are important elements to help preserve and help the arctic and the planet in the future.

We are the ones living the arctic dream and invite you to join us:



Our vår captain in the Arctic Ocean

Bjørnar is from Tromsø and has worked as captain on the Arcitc Ocean for xxx years. He guides Stålbas through ice and over the seas with curiosity and great interest. He shares his knowledge with joy for those who want to listen, and he is constantly searching for animal life around the boat, whether it is on ice, sea or land. He welcomes you to join him on the ship’s bridge and wheelhouse. Bjørnar is co-owner of the ship Stålbas and knows every nook and cranny of it.



Engineer, handyman and co-owner of Stålbas

Jan-Arve comes from the Arctic countryside at på Herøy outside of Ålesund in Norway. He has been a mechanic and seaman and worked on the Arctic Ocean since he was 14 years old. As a 16-year-old he made his first journeys to Svalbard, Greenland, Iceland and Jan Mayen. He is a trained cheif engineer but works today in his office on Herøy. He is one of the co-owners of Stålbas and has full control of all machinery and technical onboard.

Signe og Bengt-Are

Signe og Bengt-Are

initiators, administrators and co-owners of Stålbas

This couple from Tromsø have worked together on Arctic Ocean matters since 2013. They live in Tromsø and have a fantastic view from their office over the Arctic fleet heading to Svalbard. They are co-owners of Stålbas and Barents Expeditions.

They own several ships and work intensively with administration and operations within the offshore industry in the Barents Sea, among others. Bengt Are has many years of experience from the Arctic Ocean and knows the area around Svalbard like the palm of his hand. Signe is and practiced and talented administrator with solid experience from ship management. She knows what it takes to make a successful trip with ships around Svalbard



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