Travel Plan 2019

Day 1

We gather in Longyearbyen, the world’s northernmost settlement. This is where the arctic adventure begins!

To understand the arctic life completely, we will take you on a visit to Svalbardporten and to Svalbard Museum before we head to Longyearbyen Harbor to embark Stålbas that awaits us there.

Once onboard the ship, we get to settle into our cabins before we start the journey into the arctic wilderness.

The first night onboard is usually spent unpacking, checking cameras and other gear. You will also get to know your travel companions as well as the ship and of course spending time on deck and feeling the cold air from the ice sea fill your lungs. We are finally on our way!

Day 2 - 6

The expedition has begun!

Weather, wind and ice conditions determine where we wake up and where we will spend the upcoming days.

The expedition leader and the guides will find the best travel routes, landings and experiences for us as we embark on adventures and discover the Arctic together.

When we go on land and go by foot, we travel in the Polar Circle boats that come with Stålbas. These are small, sturdy and easy to navigate boats that take us where we want when we are on excursions away from the mothership.

Svalbard is its own world. We will travel to the wild, the untouched and the incomparable.

As framework for the trip, our ambition is to try and sail around Svalbard. But it is difficult to make any promises as nature is the one in charge. A channel or a fjord may be restricted due to ice which prevents us from getting around. If this should be the case, then we have a large and exciting paradise of islands to explore and travel around, countless fjords, glaciers and skerries.

What we can promise is a week with extraordinary experiences, little sleep and tons of memories.

Many of the beaches and places we arrive at are full of polar history and we get to hear stories of discovery voyages, the lives of trappers, suffering, heroism and passionate love.

The animal life in the Arctic is amazing and incredibly exciting. Everything from Svalbard’s only nesting songbird, the snow bunting, to the king in the Arctic, the polar bear, fills us with respect and admiration. We hope to meet all of them here in their own habitat. We will put our focus on good meetings, both for us visitors and for the animals. The guides always have safety and security in mind, for our sake and for the animals we meet.

When we go on land, we tread carefully through the arctic landscape. Here we will get to see and experience the mesmerizing king eider how the flora spreads out over the arctic and in the bird colonies.

Perhaps we will get to meet both the Svalbard reindeer and the polar fox on our hike?

Then there is of course the ice!

The glaciers, sea ice, fjord ice, icebergs, floes, ice cubes and endless alluring polar ice. There are few things in the arctic that are as fascinating, attractive and longed for as the ice.

The smell of ice. The sound of ice. The feeling of ice.

An eternal exploration, searching and longing. When do we get to the ice? Where does the ice boundary go? How much ice is it? It there a polar bear on the ice?

Life onboard is quite comfortable.

The ship’s chef cooks arctic meals with care, so we don’t have to be hungry on our journey. There is coffee and tee available all day and night, and if you want to stand on deck or sit with the captain, you can always get a warm drink and a biscuit.

We have daily lectures and briefings to always be updated on our surroundings, where we are heading and where we have been. Our guides and crew are always on the lookout from the ship’s bridge for whales, polar bears and other animals. They let us know if they see something so that everyone gets the opportunity to see.

Day 7

We return to Longyearbyen on the morning of the seventh day. Now it is time to pack your belongings and memories as we leave the ship and are transported to the airport, Svalbard Lufthavn Longyear, or to the town center in Longyearbyen for those who are staying a little longer.

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